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    Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet is a granite plate with mirror luster after grinding and polishing, which can be used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Slates cannot be made into mirror panels.

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    Product Description

    1. Do not fade

    The experiment proves that the polymer composite panel has better physical and chemical properties compared with the traditional plate, which ensures that it is not tarnished for a long time, and solves the color difference phenomenon, even if the environment is complex in the kitchen, the mirror plate also does not lose color and lustre. This is similar to one of the characteristics of laminating.

    2. Scratch resistant

    High hardness and super wear resistance, curing at room temperature without deformation.

    3. Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance

    Super mirror board can resist all kinds of acid and alkali, disinfectant washing, oath will be healthy in the end.

    4. High surface smoothness

    The surface of the mirror has obvious highlight effect, never appearing orange peel phenomenon, and the surface is smooth and easy to clean.

    5. Rich film

    This "lacquer" is not that "lacquer", the surface of the super mirror plate is resin material, lacquer type process,.

    6. Environmental protection and health

    It itself does not contain benzene and other easy material, through the special light curing, the formation of dense curing film, reduce the release of harmful gases from the substrate.

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